Monday, October 24, 2011

Today I am going to introduce everyone a very nice song, I love it so much and I hope you all like it. Just Can't Get Enough" - cover with DANakaDAN, Arden Cho, and Jason Chen.

First a young lady starts to sing with a beautiful voice with only guitar background, and a man starts to rap after two second. The man starts to using rap to introduce the name of the people in the band. In the 00:19, there is another sound of a man appears. Two man starts to sing together, one sings the alt and the other sings bass. Starting 00:29, the piano joins and two of the man singer contious sing for 20 seconds. At the 00:49, the men and the piano stop, only the girl starts to sing with the guitar base. Right after few second the girl solo, the men and the piano join back and the girl stops again. The men continous sing with one sings alt and other sings bass. At 00:59, the girl sings again with both piano and guitar playing and the men stop. After two second, the men come back and sing refrain. We can hear the beautiful voice of the girl clearly at the 1:13, she solos again with low guitar background music. And at 1:30, the men, the girl and the rapper all join to sing together. After about 13 second of mix sound, the rapper starts to rap with the piano and guitar playing in the background. Now at the 2:24, there is another man solos with both piano and guitar playing, but we can still hear his nice and neat voice. And now the girl apperas and sings again to make a beautiful ending.

Enjoy guys!