Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I received the assignment today, and I found out the assignment is kind of interesting. I never test myself and see how many sounds I remember in a period of time. So I went to have a walk without phones. I walked around the neighborhood at noon today.
First, I heard raindrops when I first step out of the house. It was pretty rainy today. I crossed the street and I heard the sounds of cars. They all sound different, some of them were making sounds from the engineers, some of the sounds are from the ties, and some of them...I am not really sure where they come from. I heard the people slapped on the car door when they got off from the car. There were one of them are female, because I could hear her high heels. Then, I followed the path and kept walking. I heard the birds were singing on the trees. They were sweet and nice. As I was walking down to the path, I saw a group of children were playing ball. They were laughing, screaming, and talking. They were loud. After I walked by them, there is a construction nearby. The construction workers were talking, probably discussed of the work. I returned to my court, and I heard dogs were barking from far away. Then I came back home.
I tried my best to remember every sound that I have heard on my walk. But I guess I did not remember all, and the above lists were the sounds which attracted me most on my walk and it was fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

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