Monday, December 5, 2011



Monday, November 28, 2011

Production Notes

Producing a video is not as easy as you think, neither is hard. As long as you know the skills and willing to spend time on your project, you pretty much can handle it. I am happy for how my video is now, but if I were given another chance, I will definly do it better. On my first video project, I learned a lot that I did not expect too. I learned how to communicate with others, especially on asking interesting and useful questions, so it turns out the interview becomes as interesting as it is. I also learned how to organize the audio piece and transfer to other files. And I learned lots from others’ videos too. They are amazing. For the most I did not expect to learn is how much time and heart to make a good video. It really takes time. You might hear thousands time of the interview conversation but you still have to do it again and again. My first video is simple, I added in pictures and videos during the interview, and trying to make the content and the pictures match. I think I did pretty well on that. For the most thing I would like to change is the music at the beginning and the end, I would like to make it fade in and fade out. But I was too rush so I did not have to time to figure out how to make it. After finished video project, I was always wondering how people made so nice connections and arrangements in the TV shows or movies. If I have a chance in the future, I will try my best to make my video project like movie.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Today I am going to introduce everyone a very nice song, I love it so much and I hope you all like it. Just Can't Get Enough" - cover with DANakaDAN, Arden Cho, and Jason Chen.

First a young lady starts to sing with a beautiful voice with only guitar background, and a man starts to rap after two second. The man starts to using rap to introduce the name of the people in the band. In the 00:19, there is another sound of a man appears. Two man starts to sing together, one sings the alt and the other sings bass. Starting 00:29, the piano joins and two of the man singer contious sing for 20 seconds. At the 00:49, the men and the piano stop, only the girl starts to sing with the guitar base. Right after few second the girl solo, the men and the piano join back and the girl stops again. The men continous sing with one sings alt and other sings bass. At 00:59, the girl sings again with both piano and guitar playing and the men stop. After two second, the men come back and sing refrain. We can hear the beautiful voice of the girl clearly at the 1:13, she solos again with low guitar background music. And at 1:30, the men, the girl and the rapper all join to sing together. After about 13 second of mix sound, the rapper starts to rap with the piano and guitar playing in the background. Now at the 2:24, there is another man solos with both piano and guitar playing, but we can still hear his nice and neat voice. And now the girl apperas and sings again to make a beautiful ending.

Enjoy guys!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I received the assignment today, and I found out the assignment is kind of interesting. I never test myself and see how many sounds I remember in a period of time. So I went to have a walk without phones. I walked around the neighborhood at noon today.
First, I heard raindrops when I first step out of the house. It was pretty rainy today. I crossed the street and I heard the sounds of cars. They all sound different, some of them were making sounds from the engineers, some of the sounds are from the ties, and some of them...I am not really sure where they come from. I heard the people slapped on the car door when they got off from the car. There were one of them are female, because I could hear her high heels. Then, I followed the path and kept walking. I heard the birds were singing on the trees. They were sweet and nice. As I was walking down to the path, I saw a group of children were playing ball. They were laughing, screaming, and talking. They were loud. After I walked by them, there is a construction nearby. The construction workers were talking, probably discussed of the work. I returned to my court, and I heard dogs were barking from far away. Then I came back home.
I tried my best to remember every sound that I have heard on my walk. But I guess I did not remember all, and the above lists were the sounds which attracted me most on my walk and it was fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

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